Workshop with Patsy Moore in Watercolour 'Lost and Found'

Lost and found edges, values and saturation, help with the illusion of recession in aerial perspective, to make the focal point work and to make one's paintings flow and appear more professional, rather than 'painting in the boxes'. Patsy lives in the beautiful county of West Sussex, between London and the sea, which gives plenty of inspiration for town and country scenes. Travels further afield in Britain and abroad give scope for her favourite marine subjects, landscapes and the endless delights of Venice. Patsy paints both in oils and watercolour, enjoying their diversity, largely governed by the subject matter. Pastels and pen and ink occasionally make an appearance too! Her work is to a large degree representational, but is more concerned with exploring light and tone than detail.
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Meeting Time: 
9.30am to 3.30pm