Workshop with Max Hale - Harbour Scenes_ Mixed Media

Whatever an artist's work, it relies so much on the confidence of the 'seeing' process developed when you can draw. It's the one vital element which enables the visualisation process as the painting process takes on its own identity. As a tonal painter, the extraordinary paintings of Dutch master Rembrandt inspire and invigorate me by the emotion and strength of each piece. I adore the human as subject matter yet I am never constrained by giving myself limits. The challenges that other genres present are lost as I immerse myself in the way light guides my emotive response. I follow a quest to make my paintings display commanding form, values that sing with light and colour. A dynamism that speaks the message I endeavour to tell from deep within my soul. This is in each and every painting. I adore moving my focus from one medium to another, I fall in and out of love with each of them regularly. This along with my mix of subjects enhances my experience as much as it breaks continuity. I find painting a delightful journey that gives me immense pleasure even though it can be a fickle mistress with far too much to explore, so I endorse 'ars longa, vita Brevis'
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, July 5, 2023
Meeting Time: 
9.30am to 3.30pm