Marcus Finch Demo 10am - 12pm in Oils "Contemporary Landscape". Online. And WORKSHOP 1pm online

Marcus says - The more I paint, I find myself needing to capture the essence of a location, the feel, the weather conditions. This has resulted in my preferred technique of capturing the “bones” of my subject and then being in control of my lighting. Simplicity done well is a powerful thing where perhaps there is a distillation process in my observation of a subject resulting in a freshness of gesture and a leaning toward more contemporary imagery. Concentrating on the “essence” of an image and using broad brush strokes and sometimes vivid colour to represent “reality” leads to what some regard as “abstraction”. However, viewed from a distance “reality” is definitely there – it’s amazing how much your brain contributes to the viewing experience, making “sense” of simpler cues. I hope this experience of “essence” conveys more than a “realistic” representation, I want it to be toward my original viewing experience, it’s in search of the hyper-real. Marcus is a good teacher engaged and giving information as he works. His work is always interesting and he is great to work with. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE WORKSHOP PLEASE CONTACT LIZ BROWN. Workshop coordinator by 3rd Feb as there will be preparation instructions to work on prior to the workshop. Members £10
Meeting Date: 
Saturday, February 6, 2021
Meeting Time: 
2pm - 4pm