Frank Walters - Demo - Seascape in Watercolour. 1:45pm for 2 - 4pm

Frank Walters teaches the classic principles of watercolour landscape painting in a lively and engaging manner to beginners and those looking for improvement. His ambition is to encourage more people to the art of watercolour by taking them on a journey of creative wonderment and self-belief. His motto is that watercolour painting should always be both a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. Frank can only be described as your archetypal ad man with a passion for watercolour landscape painting. Presenting advertising concepts to clients and mentoring creatives for over 40 years has made Frank possibly one of the most compelling and captivating teachers of watercolour painting. He prides himself on getting the very best out of his students within a structured, yet dynamic environment of fun and learning from his bespoke teaching programme, ‘Let it flow', that contains everything from using the right equipment to successfully mastering all the vital techniques. Frank lives in West London where he is the Watercolour Tutor at Kew Studio. He also holds a weekly workshop at the Mortlake Boat Club every Thursday afternoon as well as being a regular painting holiday tutor at The Watermill, Tuscany and Chateau Fengari, Bordeaux.
Meeting Date: 
Saturday, July 3, 2021
Meeting Time: 
2pm - 4pm