Demo and Workshop Day with Kim Whitby - Still Life in Wet Drawing techniques

An Ink Demonstration and Workshop Day with Kim Whitby. Learn ink techniques beyond old fashioned ‘pen and wash’. Kim will expand your concept of this challenging medium, within the traditional frame work of the key visual elements of art. Skills learnt will be especially applicable to the watercolour artist as well as learning more about this striking medium in its own right. Participants may conclude the day working ‘en plein air’ if they choose and if weather permits. Suggested still life reference included. Kim Whitby was a finalist in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016, and was subsequently invited to teach by Tai Shan Schierenberg when he was Head of Painting in a well known London Academy. Kim devised and wrote a course in wet drawing techniques where both ink and watercolour are explored; which is her wet drawing. She now teaches this and other ways of working in various settings. I have a particular attraction to things of historical or geographical interest, or places with some type of uniqueness. Drawing is a key part of my practice and I am intrigued by the ambiguous line between the act of drawing and that of painting. I am best known for my work in black ink, but I also enjoy working in colour on both paper and with oil paint. I am attracted to tonal and patterned visual elements; enjoying the mark making opportunities and challenges these aspects present. Structures attract me greatly as subject matter, but I also value the compositional possibilities which structures bring to compositions. I relish exploring scale in both, the formats I work in, and by attempting to capture a sense of scale, and its impact, within my work.
Meeting Date: 
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Meeting Time: 
10am- 4pm