Event Photos

Following on from her demonstration of enamelling, Linda conducted a workshop where members took part.
As a member of the Guild of Enamellers and an experienced jewellery and enamelling tutor, Linda is well qualified to introduce us to the traditional art of enamelling which essentially involves the fusing of glass to metal, using a kiln and multiple firings. Linda demonstrated a variety of enamelling techniques including sgraffito, screening and use of stencils.
EXCITING & ATMOSPHERIC LANDSCAPES IN WATERCOLOUR - Sharon Hurst Acclaimed fantasy artist Sharon Hurst takes watercolour to another dimension and in preparation for our November workshop she showed us her techniques for adding a dash of excitement to our landscapes. She specialises in the art of layering and glazing and achieves a depth of colour normally seen only with acrylics or oils.
Surrey based artist, Maggie Read demonstrating how she combines Watercolour with Pastel to create pictures with depth and texture. Garden / Allotment scene in watercolour and pastel.
Collage Workshop in the style of John Piper. He would have been proud of us!’
John Piper is well known, among other things, for his ability to combine media to express a strong sense of place and time. Using cut and torn scraps of patterned paper, bits of letters, sheet music and newsprint, worked over with Indian ink and glued to a base sheet, he created wonderful images often done in situ. Jules’s presentation will focus on this aspect of his work in preparation for our workshop in May. Those of us who know Jules will know that her perspective on art is not always conventional but it is always informative and fun.
A dynamic and engaging presentation by Steve Sadler on the work of the artists who pioneered the Dada Movement and Surrealism. His particular emphasis was on the work of Max Ernst and some of the techniques he used to create his unusual imagery’

A Workshop with Bridget Peachey - Dell Quay Sailing Club, Chichester, PO20 7EE

A few photos and some lovely comments received following our workshop on 17 March 2016.

"Just a fab. day on Thursday. Thanks Pat, and pleased we didn't have Michael Fish doing the weather! We must be good people to have been blessed with the sunshine. A really good therapy day for Sue too, so pleased I asked her to come along".

"I really enjoyed yesterday and Bridget was so helpful. Glad I didn’t miss that lovely venue."

"I enjoyed our day at Dell Quay tremendously. It was great to be out in the fresh air painting in good company on such a lovely day".