Gallery Photos

We had a lovely afternoon on 1st April 2023, getting valuable feedback on our work and enjoying hearing the critique on others. It was all constructive and helpful and we all learned something, thanks to the broad knowledge and understanding of our artist/judge, Steve Carroll who is both an artist and an art historian. In order of appearance they are the Dorothy Tubb Award, the Drawing Award and the Contemporary Award. In each case the winners are as follows. The Dorothy Tubb Award, Winner Kay Gale, Highly Commended Lindsay Shaw and Liz Brown Drawing Award Winner Sally Smithers, Highly Commended, Pearl Budgen and Ellie Sheil Contemporary Award, Winner Sue Olford, Highly Commended, Lindsay Shaw and Karen Bull
We had a lovely lively and enlightening afternoon doing Chinese brush painting with Maggie. The year of the rabbit this year so we painted many rabbits , bamboo and plum blossom. Such a friendly easy group with no judgements, just constructive advice from Maggie, a fun time was had by all.
We had an interesting Critique meeting because due to the lack of an artist to judge for us, we did a group critique, which was very good. We picked the following winners. The Tom Groom Award - any painting framed or mounted under the subject of "Townscape" was won by Kay Gale with "A Rainy Day in Chichester". The Dominic Carlton Sketchbook Award - for the best Sketchbook was won by Judith Armstrong.
Workshop with Christine Forbes, Still Life - watercolour. A loose interpretation of reality.
Charcoal and drawing workshop with Heather Jolliffe
This workshop followed on from Phil’s recent demo where he showed how to use encaustic wax techniques to create original and unique paintings.
Our President, Marcus was not able to attend on the day so we did a group critique and picked, Tom Groom award winner Kay Gale with her "A Rainy Day in Chichester" The Dominic Carlton sketchbook award Winner Judith Armstrong.
The Dorothy Tubb traditional landscape in oils award was won by Kay Gale for her traditional oil painting Landscape. Highly commended went to Lindsay Shaw and Jacqueline Black. The Drawing Award was won by Kay Gale for her trees. Highly commended went to Christine Woodward and Jacqueline Black who was unable to attend. The Contemporary Award was won by Rachel Boxall, with her Ukraine War. Highly commended went to Lindsay Shaw and Jacqueline Black.
Karin Moorehouse, showed us how to achieve more successful portraits using Oils”. In her portraiture she looks for the unfocused moment; “the private gaze in the sitter’s eye
Award winning artist and teacher Jane Dwight demonstrating her very considerable skill and knowledge of the ancient art of Chinese brush painting.