Downland Art Society Awards

The Carter Award

This Award, donated by John and Diane Carter, was set up in memory of the late, Josephine and Sidney Carter, and carries an annual Money Prize for the winner. The winner to be decided at the Summer Exhibition Judged by the Visiting Artist/Judge each year.

The Contemporary Award

This Award is for a Contemporary Painting any meduim or size framed or mounted, usually judged at the Spring Critique session. The winner gets the lovely Art Glass shown here for a year and there are two highly commended certificates to be awarded too. They are all awarded at the AGM.

The Dennis Frost Award

This award, open to full members only, is presented for the best picture, in the Summer Exhibition in any medium. Two further paintings will receive Highly Commended certificates at the time of judging. The Bronze Pallette Award, to be kept for one year, will be presented to the winner at the AGM.

The Dominic Carlton Sketchbook Award

This is for the best sketchbook compiled in the last year. It is to encourage the keeping of a sketchbook and inspire artists to use sketches rather than photographs for their finished work. It will be judged at the Autumnal Critique Session. The award, to be kept for one year, and two Highly Commended Certificates to be given at the AGM.

The Dorothy Tubb Award

This award, is for a traditional landscape in oils. It was presented to DAS by Laurie Tubb in memory of his wife Dorothy. The Award is a Glass Rose Bowl, It is awarded at the Spring Critique Session, and there are also two runners up who receive Highly Commended certificates. These are all presented at the AGM and the award is kept for one year by the winner.

The Drawing Award

This award is to encourage the art of drawing. Open to all members it is for a drawing on any subject of any size framed or mounted. It must have been created in the previous 12 months using any drawing medium and be monochrome only. It is to be judged at the Spring Critque session. The winner will receive a Silver Cup (returned after one year), with their name engraved on it and the runners up will receive Highly Commended Certificates, all of which will be presented at the AGM.

The Kay Seear Award

A Silver Mug given in honour of Kay Seear. This is for Associate members only to encourage them to exhibit their framed work and is the best Associate member's picture at the Spring Exhibition. The winner automatically becomes a full member. The trophy is presented at the AGM and kept for one year.

The Mary Hite Award

This is awarded at the Spring Exhibition and is open to all members exhibiting framed pictures.The winner is awarded a Silver Salver at the AGM and this is kept for one year. Two further paintings willl be awarded Highly Commended certificates given at the AGM.

The Tom Groom Award

This award is for a painting, any medium, any size, but it must represent the topic given by the Judge and noted in the Programme for the year. The winner receives a beautiful glass obelisk is which is kept for a year and then returned. This award is given in the Autumn Critique Session. Two further paintings willl be awarded Highly Commended certificates, awarded at the AGM.